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EcoFair 2022

This year we have attended EcoFair for the first time, the International Fair for Environmental Solutions and Ecological Transition, which is a meeting point where companies and public bodies present the latest advances in efficient environmental management. With 18 editions held, it is an important event for professionals and companies in the sector, not only for its commercial offer, but also for its nature as a forum for debate and knowledge.

The EcoFira is held jointly with: Eurobrico, the International DIY Fair, Iberflora, the International Fair for Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and Bricojardín, and Efiaqua, Fair for the Digitization and Decarbonization of water. Holding these events together is a great advantage, since they are highly interdependent sectors, and bringing suppliers and experts together in the same forum is of great interest.

Here at Offset Trail we took advantage of the visit to speak with several experts, but it was of special interest for us to do so with personnel from the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, and thus learn how carrying out fluvial and environmental management of the area.

During the 3 days of the event, in each of the fairs there were talks, conferences and conferences in which experts from each sector exposed the knowledge of their respective fields. We had the opportunity to attend several presentations, but we found the following to be especially interesting:

At the III Vio Congress on Plant Bioprotection, a large number of presentations were made and, logically, we could not attend all of them, but the ones we saw seemed very interesting:

  • Urban green spaces. Current phytosanitary regulations and future challenges. Speaker: Vicente Dalmau

  • Control of the pine processionary moth through mating disruption. Speaker: Luis Hiernaux

  • Biological treatments using drones in green areas and forest areas. Speaker: Gregorio Becerra

Forest management is one of the main tools in the fight against climate change, through the absorption of carbon by vegetation. Reducing the amount of Greenhouse Gases present in the atmosphere is crucial to avoid a continued increase in global temperature, therefore effective and sustainable management of vegetation should be a priority objective for countries, administrations and private owners.

The other seminar was organized by the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation that consisted of 3 blocks:

  • Topic 1. Control of water uses: Current situation. Main problems. New challenges.

Luis Garijo Alonso. Deputy Commissioner

Maria Oliete Marti. Head of Technical Service Water Commissioner

  • Topic 2. Control of the quality of the waters. Quality networks and discharge control.

Marta Maña Bonfill. Head of water quality area.

  • Topic 3. Management of Dams of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation.

Cristina Solá Garcia. Area manager for special actions in channel.

In the Mediterranean climate, water is a scarce commodity and, due to climate change, it will become increasingly so, so responsible, sustainable and efficient management of it is essential to ensure a quality future for the population .

In conclusion, attending EcoFair 2022 was of great interest to us and we hope to be able to repeat it in future editions, since due to the environmental crisis we are experiencing, the exchange of information between experts in the sector and innovation in new practices and technologies are essential for face this great challenge of the 21st century.

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