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We offer the environmental consulting service focused on providing specialized advice to companies or organizations on sustainable forest management, climate change, carbon footprint and water resources thanks to our team made up of forestry engineers and forestry engineers.

The increased interest of society in issues related to sustainability and the environment, added to the growing problem of climate change, makes the need for companies and organizations to contribute their grain of sand more and more noticeable.

Currently, both large companies as small businesses are putting their focus on caring for the environment during the development of their activity. Accounting, management or financing issues have been added to the environmental perspective that introduces respect for nature and the environment in the day-to-day work of organizations.

That is why the environment has come to occupy a leading place within organizations and it has become key to have environmental consultancies that help them identify the most correct way to carry out their activity or production process to minimize negative effects. that they cause in the natural environment.



1. An environmental consultancy has a team with multidisciplinary training and with the necessary experience within the sector. This allows the achievement of projects more efficiently and minimizing errors.

2. Allow minimize costs since you can request the services for specific projects.

3. It is a way of keep up to date on environmental legislation by having a team that is up to date with the news and changes in current standards, regulations and legal requirements.

4. In addition to complying with legal regulations, they can provide you with a service of achievement of environmental objectives volunteers such as the use of cleaner energy, the use of recycled materials or making proper use of your waste.

5. Secure the Health and security within the jobs since they can help you with tasks such as minimizing environmental, labor and community risks related to the quality of the air in your company, exposure to hazardous substances, etc.

6. They can also help you with the development of plans for risk and emergency management.


The role of environmental education It is essential in the process of combating climate change and companies and organizations can and should contribute their grain of sand. A good way to do this is by doing environmental or plantation education days. It is a day of transformation of society through motivation and education towards a better future.

These actions are based on moving the employees to a forest area, either close or further away from the facilities or town where the company is located, where the planting and education work is carried out. To enrich this experience, there is also the possibility of having a small lunch or snack with local products for attendees.

This action is part of the many activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility that can be carried out within organizations to give back to society and the natural environment everything it gives us. At Offset Trail we make these sessions available to you with the aim of raising awareness among our employees and serving as a personal enrichment session.



In the same way as the environmental education days for companies, there is the possibility of carrying out activities of environmental education in schools, institutes, town halls, etc.

These actions have as main objective Raise awareness among the youngest about the need for action to fight climate change. It is essential that educational centers and institutions bet on carrying out this type of actions to promote citizen education and put among this public the values of sustainability and care for the environment.

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