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Consultoría en Certificación, Huella de Carbono y Cambio Climático: Servicios
Path to environmental neutrality.

Knowing our environmental footprint allows us to be aware of how our activity contributes to the problem of Climate Change, but it is also the first step to be able to act on it. At OFFSET TRAIL , we offer a series of services related to the calculation of the equivalent Carbon Footprint, emissions management and corporate environmental responsibility:

Calculation and Inventory of GHG (Greenhouse Gases)

Calculation and Inventory of the GHG generated by a specific activity, for different productive sectors, companies, NGOs and public organizations.

Preparation of emission reduction projects


Application of effective methodologies in the activity of our clients, adaptation to environmental strategies and regulations for adaptation to climate change.

Cost savings and adaptation to the green economy


Identification of opportunities for cost savings and adaptation to new trends, technologies and markets .

Emission compensation

Compensation calculated emissions through reforestation projects in natural settings.

Corporate social responsibility


Demonstration to third parties of the organization's commitments to social and environmental responsibility by mitigating the contribution to climate change.

Consultoría en Certificación, Huella de Carbono y Cambio Climático: Servicios


The Carbon Footprint is a tool that allows registering the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an entity, whether private or public, produced during its activity, or in the life cycle of a product and, thus, determining its contribution to climate change. measured in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.


These regitries make it possible to have a record of said footprint and, thereby, work to reduce it, mitigating its impact on the environment. This contributes to the creation of a market for products and services with a low ecological footprint, in response to the current needs to combat climate change.




Our clients

More and more companies and administrations are counting on us to obtain different seals and certifications that guarantee their commitment to the environment. Through our reports on the calculation of the impact of their activities, together with plans to reduce emissions and reforestation work in degraded areas, companies or administrations can reduce their environmental impact, becoming carbon neutral.

These services are aimed at registering the calculated footprint in the Official Registry of carbon footprint, offsetting and carbon dioxide absorption projects, managed by the MITECO, whose objective is to promote awareness in the fight against climate change and achieve a low-carbon economy.


You can count on us to manage all the procedures and documentation necessary to correctly register your footprint, depending on the project in question (calculation, compensation or reduction of emissions).



We offer a carbon footprint management service aimed at companies through a subscription that offers certain advantages compared to hiring specific services:


The subscription includes the following services:

  • Definition of the main environmental management indicators of the company.

  • Analysis of the evolution of selected environmental indicators.

  • Calculation and registration in MITECO of the annual carbon footprint of Scopes 1+2 and emissions reduction report*.

  • Advice on administrative procedures related to sustainability, continuous review and updating of legal requirements and assistance in the interpretation of applicable legislation.

  • Discount on carrying out 1 corporate planting day per year**


*The subscription must cover a complete fiscal year (January-December) in order to calculate and process the carbon footprint for that year.

**Only for companies located in the Valencian Community. An attempt will be made to locate the plantation as close as possible to the company headquarters, but it will be determined by the availability of land.

Puedes consultar los precios* en la tabla siguiente:


Prices may vary depending on the particular conditions of the company and its activity, as well as other unforeseen conditions. Offset Trail Coop.V. reserves the right to modify the Price at any time. The new price will be communicated to the Applicant at least one month in advance of its entry into force. If the Applicant says nothing during the period, it is understood that he accepts the new Price. If the Applicant does not accept the new Price, the Applicant must terminate the Contract by giving written notice to Offset Trail Coop.V.

Before formalizing the subscription, Offset Trail and the requesting company will hold a meeting to verify the characteristics of said company, as well as its objectives, and to formalize the contract.

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