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Estudios de Impacto Ambiental: Recursos y consejos


The energy efficiency certificate is a document that provides objective information on the energy characteristics of buildings. This way, their energy efficiency can be assessed and compared, which aids the promotion of highly energy-efficient buildings and investments in energy savings.

As of the publication of Royal Decree 235/2013, homes for sale or rent must have this certificate. Not being mandatory for properties leased for a period of less than four months.



All this allows the user to know in a simple way, through the label, the energy efficiency of their home and how to act to improve it, since it offers options on how to reduce energy consumption, through the recommendations present in the energy efficiency certificates of buildings. These must be technically feasible and may include an economic study of investments and amortization periods, but in no case, oblige the owner or future owner to make these investments.


Obtaining the energy efficiency certificate will grant the right to use, during its validity period, the energy efficiency label, the contents of which are included in the recognized document corresponding to the energy efficiency label, available in the General Registry. ​


The label will be included in all offers, promotions and advertising aimed at the sale or lease of the building or unit of the building. It must always appear on the label, clearly and unequivocally, if it refers to the energy efficiency certificate of the project or that of the finished building.

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