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Ecological rehabilitation plan for the Quebrada Verde farm belonging to the CRUV (Valparaíso, Chile)

Design of actions for the recovery of native vegetation on the premises of the Interuniversity Center Foundation of the Universities of the Council of Rectors of Valparaíso for Territorial Sustainability.

The loss of biodiversity in the Mediterranean ecosystems of Chile has been intensified in recent years by the degradation and fragmentation of ecosystems due to the large and diverse environmental disturbances, among which forest fires and anthropic pressure stand out, due to the changes in land use and the establishment of exotic invasive species. Faced with these problems, through disciplines such as Ecology, and within it Ecological Restoration, the recovery of degraded ecosystems to their original state is sought.

In the present project, a series of technical proposals of a silvicultural nature were made that allow the recovery of the native sclerophyllous vegetation of the property of the Interuniversity Center Foundation of the Council of Rectors of Valparaíso for Territorial Sustainability, in the Commune of Valparaíso, to be achieved in the medium and long term, with the purpose of favoring and facilitating an ecological rehabilitation of the place, attending to the vocational objectives of the land.

For this purpose, through the analysis of the technical, administrative, cartographic, scientific and citizen information available about the place, the guidelines for action and development of proposals were established. In the cases that proved necessary, an update of said information was carried out, in order to minimize errors in the execution of subsequent measures. The work carried out to date in terms of reforestation of the property by the staff of the Foundation was also evaluated.

Subsequently, a series of technical measures to be implemented in the recovery works of the vegetal surface formed by native species were designed, in accordance with technical recommendations on the matter and the technical advice of professional technicians in the place. On the other hand, some guidelines were established for the orderly management of the eucalyptus plantations (Eucalyptus globulus, Labill) present on the property, aimed at the medium-long-term replacement of these plantations by the native vegetation corresponding to the property, seeking to obtain through this management, an economic profitability that allows to cover the expenses derived from the restoration work.

In order to guarantee the application of active restoration measures on the property, various searches for financing were carried out, among which the formation of consortia with private investment sources, the application for public funds, which finance restoration projects and the implementation of payment systems for the production of Environmental Services stood out.

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