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Collaboration in agroforestry plantations of paulownia (Paulownia Spp.) for timber cultivation.

Since February 2021 we have participated in the design, planting and monitoring of an agroforestry plantation for paulownia lumber, in the municipality of Alcalá de Xivert (Castellón).

The monitoring of the crop will have as its purpose the study of the growth achieved by the crop for the established shift (8 years) and will be compared with the existing bibliography on the growth of this species. In addition, an attempt will be made to establish correlations between the biomass growth achieved and the CO2 absorption reached at the end of the shift, also comparing it with successive shifts.

The chosen variety corresponds to a hybrid between P. tomentosa and P. elongata, developed by the Cotevisa nursery, established in a 5x5m frame under drip irrigation.

As cultural treatments of the crop to be highlighted, a cut of the plants will be carried out after the first year from planting, in which the growth will have concentrated in the root system. This cut will allow choosing the most suitable bud for each plant, which will grow with a straightness and vigor much more suitable for timber cultivation.

On the other hand, the necessary procedures will be carried out to include the plantation in the Register of forest plantations of the Generalitat Valenciana, an administrative tool created for the recognition of the temporary forest nature of the plantations of a series of species for production objectives, which are established on agricultural land.

The Registry will facilitate access to information on temporary forest plantations, ensuring the traceability of the products obtained and also serving to prepare forest statistics.

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