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About us

OFFSET TRAIL is a Valencian cooperative formed by professional partners who specialize in various fields, oriented to consulting projects in the environmental sector from an integral point of view, and based on sustainable development ideas. This work methodology aims to obtain solutions adapted to each situation that offer sustainable and quality responses.


We put at the disposal of society and the territory the concepts and knowledge in forest and territorial management, to find low-carbon solutions and integrate the needs of the natural environment with the human society. We base our work in innovation, technology and the values ​​of social and solidary economy in the fields of forestry engineering, the natural environment, carbon footprint compensation, climate change and water resources management.


The people who make up the OFFSET TRAIL team are trained in the forestry engineering sector and specialize in specific and cutting-edge subjects in the fields of sustainable forest management, climate change, carbon footprint, water resources, forest fires, land use planning and the geospatial analysis of the territory, as well as the audiovisual communication media, to guarantee the execution of the projects in an integral way.


At OFFSET TRAIL COOP.V we have established ourselves as a cooperative, as a consequence of the transversal thinking of the partners, a fact that involves a democratic planning and execution of the projects we carry out, trying to transmit in our collaborators and clients, the values ​​of solidary economy and sustainable development. This vision is related to a way of understanding a more ecological and fair society.


These values ​​and principles lead us to participate in international programs that develop these ideas and that act as frames of reference:





The people who make up the OFFSET TRAIL team have degrees in forestry and mountain engineering. We are trained in specific and cutting-edge subjects in the fields of sustainable forest management, climate change, carbon footprint, environmental management, forest fires, territorial planning and the geospatial analysis of the territory through tools such as drones, as well as in the use of the means of audiovisual communication, which allows us to guarantee an integral execution of the projects, from the design phases to the supervision of its execution.

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Alejandro Cornelles

Projects and Administration Dept.

Master Forestry Engineer

A native of Alcalá de Xivert, Spain

Knowledge in:

- Drones, GIS and LIDAR

- Energy efficiency and Phytosanitary products


"I consider myself an engineer committed to the environment and the socio-economic change that we must carry out together with the ecosystems and communities we inhabit."

Ana Trilles

Projects and Finance Dept.

Master Forestry Engineer

A native of Castellar Oliveral, Spain

Knowledge in:

- Forest Inventories

- Environmental Education


"Cooperativism and solidarity are fundamental for a sustainable and equitable approach in the management of forest resources, and to promote the economic and social development of rural communities."

Mateu Bennetto

Projects and Commercial Dept.

Technical Forestry Engineer

A native of Sydney, Australia

Knowledge in:

- Fire prevention and extinction

- Health and Safety Coordination

"I have always been in awe of the natural world, so I feel very lucky to be a forestry engineer and to be able to take care of forests and their biodiversity"

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